Pandan SdN Bhd Apple Banana Coffee Teh Tea Company

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Investment Summary
Tax Relief
RM 20,000
Minimum Funding Target
RM 20,000
Equity Offered
~ up to 22.00%
Total Target Amount
RM 200,000
Business Overview
Company/LLP Name
WK Corporate 6 SdN BhD
Damasara, PJ
Finance & Insurance Tech
Food & Beverage
Advanced Materials
Registration No.
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How do I earn a return?
How do I earn a return?

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The amount of capital the Company is attempting to raise in this Offering may not be enough to sustain the Company’s current business plan.
Offering may not be enough to sustain the Company’s

In order to achieve the Company’s near and long-term goals, the Company may need to procure funds in addition to the amount raised in the Offering. There is no guarantee the Company will be able to raise such funds on acceptable terms or at all. If we are not able to raise sufficient capital in the future, we may not be able to execute our business plan, our continued operations will be in jeopardy and we may be forced to cease operations and sell or otherwise transfer all or substantially all of our remaining assets, which could cause an Investor to lose all or a portion of their investment.

Pandan SdN Bhd Apple Banana Coffee Teh Tea Company
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